Saturday, 29 October 2011

NYC food feasts

When we go to New York we stay at the Affinia Manhattan hotel because it has a kitchen for self-catering and a lounge area for us to chill out in. Over the past three years we have hunted for food at the local Wholefoods on 7th Avenue then rustle up something brilliant at the hotel after the morning gym session.
It is so hard not to spend money in Wholefoods because everything looks so nice. This year we had a variety of different steaks with salad and one of the big hits was home-made burgers with fresh parsley and home-made salsa. Chris' mega steak with fresh organic spinach and Parmesan nearly finished him off. It was a BIG piece of meat.


  1. Now that's a steak. I've never seen Chris struggle to finish anything - that would have been fun to see!

  2. The steak in the picture was about x3 the size of a regular steak in the UK. I have to admit I have never seen Chris struggle to finish a meal before either.