Sunday, 6 November 2011

Incredible intervals

I have rowed the Cross Team Challenge twice this weekend and have pulled in some good times. On Saturday I was quite tired after a crazy week at work and a full day conference in Pimlico, London so I wasn't looking forward to tackling the 4 x 20m with 2 mins rest. I rowed a steady 20 minutes warm up row then set the interval session into the C2. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.
Today I felt much fresher and managed to take 3.5 seconds off my time since yesterday.

Here are the splits:

Saturday: 3:22.0
200m = 2:09.5 = 30spm
400m = 2:06.5 = 31spm
600m = 2:03.7 = 30spm
800m = 2.05.2 = 31spm

Sunday: 3:18.5
200m = 2.05.0 = 31spm
400m = 2.04.7 = 29spm
600m = 2.03.5 = 30spm
800m = 2.03.0 = 27spm

The next time I tackle it I am going to aim to get more even stroke rates. Its interesting that in today's row I was improving my pace at each interval yet slowing the stroke rate down. I need to focus on putting more power into each stroke and getting an even spm throughout the session. I will keep you posted.

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