Saturday, 17 December 2011

5k PB

I beat my best ever 5k today for Round Four of the C2 Challenge Series. I had a chilled out day after a hectic final week of term and I wasn't convinced that I would manage a decent row never-mind a personal best time. Here are the stats:

1000m - 4:38.0 - 2:19.0 - 22 s/m
2000m - 4:47.9 - 2:23.9 - 21 s/m
3000m - 4:41.5 - 2:20.7 - 21 s/m
4000m - 4:40.1 - 2:20.0 - 21 s/m
5000m - 4:30.1 - 2:15.0 - 22 s/m

My final time was 23:17.5 at a pace of 2:19.7 with an average stroke rate of 21.

I felt brilliant after I realised that I had taken off 11 seconds from my previous 5k time earlier in the year. I am currently positioned 24th out of 64 lightweight females in the C2 world rankings - that's the top 63rd percentile

How did I have the energy for a PB today? Was it the sweet potatoes I had for breakfast; the tuna and celery for lunch, the coconut and orange cake I made this evening or the Matcha Green Tea I drank before my row that did it? Who knows....

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