Thursday, 22 December 2011

New bike and biomechanic assessment at Bespoke Cycling

I went to Bespoke Cycling yesterday to collect my new bike (which has been on order since the summer). I spent a couple of hours getting bike-fitted by Ben who rigged me up to a special computer (called a retul system) that calculates the optimum cycling position via sensors that are velcroed to your joints (see photos).

I visited Bespoke Cycling in the summer to get fitted to my Trek (old bike) and to assess my power output, pedaling technique and cycling position. Ben concluded that my lack of flexibility in my hips, abductors and hamstrings was negatively affecting my cycling efficiency and position. He gave me a range of different stretches which I have been doing over the past few months. The good news is that all my hard work has paid off and my hips and abductors are looking in much better shape. This means that my cycling position is now more controlled and stable due to my improved hip flexibility.

Back to the bike. As you can see - it was well worth the wait.

Check out this stealth bomber:

Parlee Z5 sli - matte carbon with ghost graphics - it's so stealth even the rain can't see it
Enve composites seat post and stem in matte black to match
Shimano Dura-ace Di2 electronic gears (11-28 cassette to help me on the climbs)
Mavic rsys slr wheels - the new ones with the black exalith coating on the rims (excellent braking in the wet and they look good too)
Rotor 3D crank set with Q rings (oval chain rings)
Arundel bar tape
Arundel carbon fibre bottle cages in matte black - it would be rude not to match the rest

So far I am really impressed with the bike - the electronic gears shift really well. The finish on the frame is amazing. Looking forward to the Christmas Day cycle around the sights of London and dodging Fenton and the deer in Richmond Park.

Finally, I have to say a huge thanks to Barry and Ben at Bespoke cycles - Ben for spending so much time with me on fit and biomechanics both before I ordered and then when the bike arrived and especially to Barry for being so helpful in getting the right frame to fit my body (and aesthetic preferences -- I am a girl after all). Bespoke are absolutely top notch for customer service and highly recommended by me if you are ever in London -- great guys too. Website here for more info

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