Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Year new PB and 6 million metres

Round five of the Challenge Series is a 10,000 metre row. The last time I ranked this distance was in the 2010 season with a time of 49:02.6 with an average pace of 2:27.1.

I set off today with an aim to keep an average pace of 2:26 or less.
About 2k into the row I realised I was good for much more than that; here are the splits:

Distance Pace Split Spm Avg HR
2000 2:25.0 9:41.9 21 155
4000 2:23.2 9:33.1 21 169
6000 2:22.4 9:29.6 21 168
8000 2:23.3 9:33.2 21 173
10000 2:20.9 9:23.6 21 183

I knocked the original time out of the water by nearly 90 seconds with a new time of 47:41.3 with an average pace of 2:23.0. I noticed my heart rate peaked in the last split at 184 bpm - I think the highest its ever been is 189, so there is still room for improvement.

As for the after effects of my row:
  • I have not been this sweaty for a long time (even after the marathon).
  • My face went a lovely shade of red, and remained so for a good half an hour afterwards.
  • It makes me think that I can get an even better time if I continue with my training.
I am currently ranked 11th out of 23 lightweight 30-39 females in the C2 world online rankings.

I also reached 6 million lifetime metres today too!

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