Friday, 24 February 2012

Boston 2012

Chris and I set off for Boston on Thursday 16th February on an afternoon flight out of Heathrow. We touched down in Boston fairly late in the evening and crashed out in our room at Onyx Hotel on Portland Street. We stayed at the Onyx last year and I think the staff there are some of the friendliest in the US.

Friday 17th February

We wanted to get a decent lie in but awoke early on Friday morning. We chilled out in our room until our rumbling stomachs couldn't take it any longer. Our hunting and gathering landed us at Wholefoods for a giant brunch of roast chicken, bacon, turkey bacon, eggs,fresh baby spinach and roasted tomato and basil soup.

We walked across Boston Common towards Newbury Street and looked in a few shops (i bought a coat) before taking a coffee break in a little place called Wired Puppy. Chris thought the de-caff coffee was very nice. We got chatting to three ladies who recommended a steak house called Abe and Louie's that just happened to be around the corner.
After spending a bit of time in the Apple Store we booked a table for 17:00. This meant we had just enough time to walk back to the hotel, drop off backs quickly freshen up and walk back for a decent steak.
The recommendation was truly deserved because the steak was lovely. The waiter suggested an off menu 32oz ribeye steak which he called the Tomahawk. It was amazing!

After the awesome steak session we met up with Tim Boomer (Chris' ex work colleague and friend who lives in Boston) for a coffee. We walked past Boston Common and had a hot drink in a nice cafe overlooking the park. We convinced Tim that he needed to cox Chris again, like had the previous year to help him achieve a good time during the race. He agreed to cox but warned us he had a big night out with the boys on Saturday night so he might not be of form.

Chris and I walked back to our hotel and fell asleep really fast.

Saturday 18th February

Read my Empty the Tanks blog to follow the main aspects of the pre-race preparations for the WIRC.

In the afternoon we met Tim who had got hold of some bikes for Chris and I to use. We went for a little bike ride around Boston for a couple of hours. Check out the video.

Sunday 19th February

Race day came around very fast. Chris and I had bought all our race food on Saturday because our races were early in the day and we had to get to the Arena at about 08:00 so we could weigh in 2 hours before our race start at 10:10.
The race itself was hard, Chris and I both felt that it was a harder 2k than the EIRC and we didn't perform to our best. The enjoyable aspect of the Crash B's is the atmosphere and the participation.
Roll on WIRC 2013!

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