Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bronze at EIRC

Can you tell which is the before and after photo?

It was a very long day on Sunday but all the months of training paid off with my best ever time for a 2k with 08:37.3. I had a rushed 15-20 minute warm-up and I was into the first 500 metres before I realised what was going on. I felt fresh and strong in the first quarter pulling in an average pace of 2:07 and I evened out a bit into the second quarter. I began to feel the pain in the second and third quarter and then I was into the final 500 metres and I gave it everything I had.

Here are the splits:

500m = 02:07.2 = 02:07.2
1000m = 04:17.1 = 02:09.9
1500m = 06:28.0 = 02:10.9
2000m = 08:37.3 = 02:09.3

I didn't realise that from the second quarter onwards I
was in third position and in the final 500 metres I finished .3 seconds away from a Silver medal!!
If only I had pulled harder in those last few strokes.....

The top three lightweight ladies, 30-39:
Me with Bronze, Naomi with Gold and Hayley .3 seconds faster than me with Silver.

My 2k time has improved over the years:

2009 = 9:29.8 = 2:22.2
2010 = 8:49.1 = 2:12.2
2011 = 8:40.5 = 2:10.1
2012 = 8:37.3 = 2:09.3

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