Monday, 26 March 2012

BIRC 2012 stats

I pulled in my best ever 2k time yesterday at the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the University of Nottingham 08:36.1.

I had a great cox who encouraged me the whole way through my race and really supported my race plan. I set off probably faster than I have ever done in competition and it felt strangely comfortable for a good 300 metres (as it always does in these things) then things felt considerably harder in the next quarter. The third split was hard work and my legs were feeling quite heavy and sluggish but my cox really motivated me to never see a 2:12 on my screen and shouted at me to get it down to 2:09. In the last 300 metres he was yelling at me to push harder and give it everything I had.

I was so glad it was over and I had no idea that I had pulled in my best ever time until I read the stats on my screen. Unfortunately the group of women I was racing with were extremely fast and I was miles away from a medal position.
If I had been racing in the 30-34 lightweight category I could have walked away with a Bronze medal!!

It is interesting to compare my EIRC race with my BIRC race in terms of stroke rate and splits:

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