Saturday, 10 March 2012

Chats with an Olympic Rower

Last week I met Toby Garbett the Olympian and two-time world Champion rower at Twickenham Academy. He visited the school to give students an inspirational talk for the Olympic 21st legacy project. Whilst the students got on with activities I chatted to Toby about his career and told him about Empty the Tanks IRC and my EIRC and Crash B 2k races. He was a great guy to talk to and he now makes his living giving personal training and he is competing in the European Triathlon in Israel next month.
I e-mailed a link to my EIRC race video and he very swiftly replied pointing out a couple of things that could improve my technique:
  • release your knees only once the hands have past the mid shin point on the rockover
  • sit up and don't dive for any more length
  • the left knee tracks in at the catch position past the line of the toe so I would try and address this.
I have been putting these tips into practice over the past week to see if it might make the difference for the BIRC in two weeks time.

Check out his video about how to get the perfect erg technique on the C2

Toby's website is a great read, follow the link here

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