Sunday, 1 April 2012

New 500m PB on April Fool's Day

With only one month left of the rowing season I was planning on taking things a little bit easier, particularly with my 100,000 metre challenge set for Wednesday 4th April.

Over the weekend I have had a few great sessions on the C2. Yesterday I had a decent warm up and felt like I could give my 500m PB a shot; I pulled in a reasonably decent attempt only .5 seconds away from my best ever time.

I gave the 500m another shot this afternoon and smashed my PB from 2:00.4 to 1:59.0 at an average stroke rate of 32. I am really happy to have broken the 2 minute pace.

Here are the stats:

100m = 2:00.5 = 32spm
200m = 1:57.5 = 33spm
300m = 1:59.0 = 30spm
400m = 1:58.5 = 33spm
500m = 1:59.5 = 33spm

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