Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cross training for the 2013 season

After the 100k row I have not erged everyday as I was doing in the lead up to the challenge. There is a reason behind it and before you think I have been taking it easy - I am cross training.
A typical week looks like this:
  • 45 minutes turbo training session on the bike / bike ride
  • 20 minutes warm up row, 4 x 500 metres
  • 20 minutes warm up row, 4 x 1000 metres
  • 150 dead lifts,  80 kettle bell swings, 100 olympic weights
  • 6,000 metres row
I rotate the different sessions around and have enjoyed working on the weights. The idea is to improve my power and endurance on the rowing machine and flexibility on the bike by working different parts of my body.

I have completed a full month of cross training so far and I am keeping a record of each session on a wall calendar in the gym. I haven't rowed any ranking pieces yet to compare against last season's performances. I think I will continue through the cross training in June and see how I get on later in the month.

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